About Us

How Montana Mobile Bars Began

EWe’re an irrigated hay and cow-calf operation on the east side of the Helena Valley as well as a dry-land place in central Montana. We both grew up on ranches in the central part of the state where we learned to work hard and play hard. Agriculture is in our blood.  Hence the theme of our mobile bars!!    Karl recently retired from the town job and Rae Lynn, who is an RN, retired from the hospital. Now, Karl runs the ranch operation, serves on the County Farm Bureau Board as well as the Montana Farm Bureau Federation Board, and is a Supervisor on the local Conservation District board. Rae Lynn owns and operates a Life Care Planning business, a Care Mangement business and a Foot Care Done Right business!  Needless to say, we stay busy!! 

In June of 2020, our oldest daughter was getting married at the ranch. We had a large pole barn built mainly for equipment storage, but with a big backyard out the back door, it ended up being our home-grown wedding venue! While we were reflected on past weddings we attended, one thing kept coming up. How do we control the alcohol? Now don’t get us wrong, we love a good party! But, at a few weddings we attended, alcohol was stolen right off the bar during the reception. Not only was that wrong, but it put a bad memory into a special event for the bride and groom. So, while calving and spending time between night checks, Karl happened to come across a picture of a horse trailer converted to a bar. Well, with a little more thought, a lot of work and fun designing and building with the help of family, the Cross-Eyed Cowboy came to life!!   We had it finished enough by wedding time, and it was a big hit. It gave Aly & Jayme’s wedding a great memory as well as a great memory for their guests!

During the summer of 2022, due to demand, Karl converted the 2nd old rusted horse trailer into the Branding Iron to stay with our Montana Agriculture lifestyle!!  He spent many late nights in the shop after haying to get it operational by the end of the wedding season!

So, let’s face it. Do you remember the flowers at the last wedding you attended?   Most people don’t!  BUT they’ll remember the Cross-eyed Cowboy or the Branding Iron!!

If you have an event where you’d like to do something a little different, have a lot of fun, be a little safer in the booze arena and make great memories, one of our Mobile bars may fit the bill! Our mobile bars are the perfect fit for events such as weddings, brandings, company meetings or workshops, family reunions, summer parties, holiday parties, ball games, etc.    

With Montana law preventing us from providing/selling the alcohol without a liquor license, we recommend using our mobile bars and providing the refreshments yourself!   You simply provide the alcohol, and we provide everything else!!  Between a mobile bar and our excellent, fun and fast certified servers, we can help make your event better and safer for all. That’s what we’re about, making great lasting memories while having fun. Touch base with us to see if we can make something work for your event!

We look forward to visiting with you!  

Karl & Rae Lynn Christians